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      Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating have been engineered not only for high strength, but also to overcome corrosion problems found in chemical and mining industries where corrosive products are used. These are areas where metal grating rapidly deteriorates or creates a constant maintenance problem. FRP Grating is a cost-effective solution with the following characteristics.

FRP molded grating:
Excellent alility as below:
1) corrosion resistance:
It can be used in different corrosion Cirumstance such as acid ,alkali,salt organic solvent in gas or liquid
2) fire resistant:
 FRP grating is available in various resin system with excellent resistant performance
3) Electric insulation and no magnetic:
FRP grating have super electric performance.Non electric spark even when impact by tools.It could be used safely under the antiknock,diamagnetism and electric resistant situation.
4)Long service life:
 High grade resin and anti-ageing inhibitor provide grating long life ageing resistant performance. The Service life of grating could be expected more than 20 years.Foreign expert said it can be serviced about 50-100 years

5)Light weight:
materials are consisted by fiberglass roving and resin,which is very light in weight.But strength is higher than steel. Different sizes Of grating supply various load requirements

6)NO silp:
Varivous surface is provide the super no slip performance like gritted top,concave grating.



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