Our fiberglass body kits is composed of a high-quality resin along with a high-grade, thick fiberglass matting. On top of that, we re-inforce every piece with a thick, marine-grade cloth matting. The end result is a part that has a lot of tensile strength, that is durable and somewhat flexible, and that is light in weight. Our body kits can be fit for the car of:Ford Focus;Ford Mustang;Honda accord;Hondacivic; Nissan;Mercury Cougar,ets.

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 A001R  B004F  B005R  B006R  B007F
 B008R  B009R  B12F  B013R  B014F
B015R B016F B017F B018F B020F
 B021R  B022F  B023F E007F  E008F 
 E014F  E015F  E026F  E026R  G001F
 H004R  H008R H014S   H015F  I003S